miercuri, 16 octombrie 2013

Learn, Speak, Think English

I voice my own learning experience by saying that language learning should not be a struggle or a momentous effort; it should be an easy and relaxing game-like activity. To those of you learning at Bridge Language Study House this might sound commonplace, but it is not :).

The reason is really simple it all comes down to attitude.  Reevaluate your personal attitude towards language learning. It probably looks like this:  you shove these two hours in your daily schedule, you might go as far as including the homework as well and you patiently or sometimes impatiently wait for the RESULT. It might eventually come.
However, I would suggest another approach.

Don’t make it part of your routine, make it part of your life.

It is not just a learning or pass-time activity but two hours of your precious time so make them a natural part of your day. So the sentence: Sunt la engleză! (that I often hear you say) should sound more like: I’m having a tea and chatting with my friends.  

How do you make it part of your life?
Try to be bilingual or multilingual. Language is just a channel, change the channel by doing simple things:

  • Read your morning newspaper in English, or 
  •  Set the language of your phone, facebook and  e-mail account to English,  or
  •  Make time for English Tuesday (or any other  day of  the week when you speak English: at the office, in the kitchen, sing in the shower etc.)

I know it might sound childish and unprofessional but language is the most practical invention of mankind so why not take it back to its natural habitat. 

For you, 

Dalma (English teacher at BLSH) 

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