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EDI Cert TEFL – a new dimension in language teaching

I had the opportunity to train within the first EDI Cert TEFL Teacher Training Course ever held in Romania and I can tell you, the challenge and the professional satisfaction were immense. My co-trainer, Maria Keeley and I find that the theoretical input and practical knowledge that the programme offers truly encourages excellence in language teaching.

We would like to introduce you into our discovery and experience, through offering you a few insights about the programme.

My name is Bogdan Stefan and I am a teacher of English at Simone Educational Center, Craiova. I was very happy to join Gyongyi and Maria in their first EDI CertTEFL training programme. It was an amazing course for teachers  and the input-sessions were interactive. I came back to school as a student and I did my best to learn to from the best. The programme was a great opportunity for us to grow professionally, even though we had a lot of assignments to write and many tasks to perform. I would do the programme again any minutes as it helped my professional growth greatly. I would advise everybody to go for the course!!!!” (trainee comment)

We can say that the degree of challenge of the programme can easily be under-estimated by trainees, whether part-, or full-time.  You need to be very organised and have a great sense of time-management in order to fit into the deadlines given for completing each Portfolio task that you are assessed on. This programme needs your full attention and devotion; otherwise you cannot reach your full potential.

To be able to participate as a trainer in the first CertTEFL course for Romania was a great honour. It was and is a great achievement for me as a person to be able to guide, help and pass on some of my knowledge to future TEFL teachers. As it was the first teacher training course and a first of doing this type of work I was very nervous and excited about it. My expectations were high for the students and they really achieved these and beyond. They made me proud in how hard they worked and how much effort they put into the course. The course overall was wonderful to follow through the various topics and see teaching from many different angles. By the end of the course I was wishing it would continue as it was very difficult to let the students leave and be on their own, but the knowledge that they are great teachers and they will be my first group will stay with me and I will cherish it. The TEFL is a great opportunity for any teacher to expand their knowledge and horizons of the teaching world and I am very grateful that I can be part of this.” (Maria Keeley, EDI CertTEFL Teacher Trainer)

But let’s have a closer look at the programme and at what it offers …..

What is the EDI CertTEFL Teacher Training Course?
The EDI CertTEFL is a Level 5 (Cambridge CELTA equivalent), highly practical teacher training course designed to provide you with the initial skills needed for teaching English to adult speakers of other languages. The EDI CertTEFL English teaching qualification is valid and accepted worldwide.

Who is the programme addressed to?
The EDI Cert TEFL Teacher Training Course is particularly suitable for you if:
·         you have little or no experience of teaching English as a Foreign Language (EFL) but may be thinking of a career as an EFL teacher
·         you are passionate about the English language and culture and wish to become a qualified EFL teacher
·         you wish to boost your professional portfolio with an internationally recognised teaching qualification
·         you already are an English language teacher who is passionate about your profession and wish to further improve your teaching skills
·         you already are an English language teacher who need an internationally recognised teaching qualification to teach abroad

What will the course include?
The EDI Cert TEFL curriculum consists of 6 units, delivered and assessed in 120 contact hours:

Unit 1: Teaching and learning in an EFL context
Unit 2: Developing teaching skills and managing the learning environment
Unit 3: Teaching language
Unit 4: Teaching language skills
Unit 5: Planning and evaluation
Unit 6: Assessment of learners

How will the course be assessed?
Your assessment during the course is continuous and integrated, taking into account teaching skills, written assignments and professionalism.  Each of the 6 assessed units contributes to your overall grade. Within the teaching practice component of the programme you are requested to observe a min. of 4 hours and to teach a min. of 6 hours. You will be given feedback by the trainers on your teaching and opportunities to discuss your progress individually.

Achievement of the EDI CertTEFL will confirm that you:
·         have a good understanding of the essential aspects of the EFL teacher’s role
·         can organise and manage effective learning
·         have developed professionally through on-going reflection and evaluation

What are your entry requirements?
No previous teaching experience is necessary. But, if you are a non-native English speaker, you must be able to demonstrate a C2-level (proficient) level of English.

What are the benefits of the Part-Time and Full-Time courses?
The advantages of the part-time training programme are that the contact hours are shared across 5 intensive training weekends, rather than a one month full-time commitment. This format allows you to carry on with your normal day-to-day activities with minimum disruption. The course is also supplemented by our online learning platform (Bridge:Online) that includes additional training and reference materials. Bridge:Online can also be used to submit your assignments for grading and communicate with your Mentor.

The full-time training programme is most suitable if you can take a month off work or from your studies. The main advantages of this type of programme are that you can fully concentrate on your teacher development without any other distracting factors. You will spend a whole month within the language institute hosting the training programme, thus you will be able to familiarise with the insights of how a language centre operates. Some say that the full-time experience offers more efficiency in preparing as a teacher, however, if you can manage your time efficiently, the part-time programme can be just as successful.

Who will your trainers be?
Your trainers are highly experienced in the field of teaching English as a Foreign Language as well as teacher development and have acquired relevant Cambridge DELTA, TESOL or Cert.Ed. qualifications.

When can you join the next course?
After the success of the first course, we have decided to continue with another course between 21 February and 30 June 2014. The course will be a part-time training programme that will take place on the following weekends: 21-23 February, 21-23 March, 11-13 April, 9-11 May and 6-8 June 2014.

You can find out more about this opportunity on our webpage at  or by contacting us at

Gyongyvér Pillich-Wright 
Director of Studies at Bridge Language Study House 


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